The EVRYMAN Podcast

Episode: 108 Practicing Being Human with Jeff Warren

Episode Summary

“You don’t need to run to the science, the science is cool but go to your own experience, do the experiment and see what’s there.” This week’s guest is Writer and mediation teacher Jeff Warren. If there is such a thing as a rockstar meditation teacher, Jeff is certainly in the conversation. Jeff is co-author, alongside ABC news anchor Dan Harris, of the popular book Meditation For Fidgety Skeptics. Dan and Jeff set out on an American bus tour to challenge meditation misconceptions and to help guide everyday people towards the benefits of mediation. Jeff founded a meditation collective in Toronto, Canada called The Consciousness Explorer’s Club; the goal of which is to bring fun, novelty, and community to meditation. Jeff is at once a humble student and wise teacher. He has recently partnered with the Calm meditation app to fantastic reviews.

Episode Notes

On this episode we explore:


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